Ọchụchọ maka ndị furu efu onye (The search for the lost one.) – Part One

“… and it was a dark night in a field in Guarthedez. In the middle of the field, there were two characters. They were opposites of each other. One of the characters was small; had a straight posture and balanced himself on his staff. The staff was finely curved in pine, as its top was akin to a man’s hand trying to squeeze a rounded object. This rounded ‘object’ was some source of energy or an essence of magic. The magical essence was as red as fresh blood from a new wound. Also, the essence’s power was vivid and revealed that the character holding the staff was a man. The man’s beard and hair was long, black and thick. The man’s robe had some symbols, which shined as vividly as the magical essence from his staff. In comparison, the other character was two feet taller than the wizard-man. His posture was aggressive. In his right hand, he held a hammer. Even within the moonlight, it was visible that he was the more savage of the two. He wore nothing but a piece of cloth which barely covered the lower parts of his body. The creature’s body was covered with blue war paintings. The savage’s skin was dark green. His brutality was also seen through the savage’s trophies, which were the heads of his challengers”, read Karathis, son of Marthis.

Karathis prepared to close his book, however the tiny voice of his son, Famius, stopped this action, as he asked quietly, “And what was next, Dad? Did the wizard-man kill the orc?”

Karathis responded, “Well, it was not that simple, Famius. I will read more tomorrow.”

Famius insisted, “Please, dad, read me a few more pages. And I promise that I will work harder tomorrow.”

Karathis nodded and said, “I trust your words son.”

Karathis took a deep breath in. Then he continued with the story.

“Two of them stood in the middle of the field gazing at each other. The silence remained only for a few seconds. And then the fight began. The wizard-man used his powerful spells against his opponent. And the orc used his hammer to aim to overcome the wizard-man. They fought back and forth. And each attack of both characters was more powerful than the one performed before. Yet none of the attacks were the final one, until the wizard-man created a mkpụrụ obi oriri spell, which was performed successfully. It destroyed the orc!

Nevertheless, since the spell was cast, the wizard-man was unable to speak to anyone. The wizard-man was then unable to be with anyone. The loneliness of the wizard-man could only be explained by his transformation into a half-beast and half-human. Since then no-one has ever found the wizard-man; now known as Anụ ọhịanwoke. Many men tried to find him. As Anụ ọhịanwoke was the only one who once knew spells to awaken Na-akpọte n’ụra. The spell which would…”Karathis voice trailed off as he heard his son snoring deeply. Karathis smiled and finished the previous sentence, “… bring the peace.” And then he gently closed the book. He then kissed Famius’ forehead and left his son’s bedroom.


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