Ọchụchọ maka ndị furu efu onye (The search for the lost one.) – Part Two

4 years later…

A roaring of a wild animal woke up Famius. Nevertheless, for the boy, this roar was new and he had not heard it before. Famius was curious and walked bare-footed from his dwelling only to discover the devastation of, Na-echebe ala; his village. Famius took a look around and saw houses on fire, children crying for help with their mothers and horses neighing loudly. The village became a ruin.

Famius had to leave the village. He rapidly went back to his residence, which was not affected by the mayhem. Famius took a bag, some food supplies, the necklace of his mother and a short dagger of his father’s.

Famius walked out of his household prepared to go on his voyage. Yet, from the beginning, his journey was limited; he could only take two routes. Either he would travel towards the ‘West’ or the ‘East’. The voyage towards the ‘West’, leads one to find a town, whereas the route towards the ‘East’, leads one to a wild forest. The forest was believed to be the forest where the ‘half-man and half-beast’ was living. Famius made up his mind quickly and decided to challenge the myth. And so he began his adventure.

It took him a few hours to find an appropriate way into the forest, however, eventually he succeeded. Suddenly, out of the murkiness and obscurity of the forest, a muscular boy appeared. He was of an average height and a few inches taller than Famius. His body language expressed both his confusion and fearfulness with the situation. However, he seemed quite confident as he approached Famius; his name was ‘Rabius’.

‘Famius, is that you?’, asked Rabius with doubt.

‘Yes, that is me, Rabius’, responded Famius assuredly. ‘Are you alone?’

‘No, I am with Gregori, Joksan and Jaxton.’

‘It is good to know that they are alive,’ Famius had a moment of relief. ‘Do you know who has set our village towards this misery?’

‘I do not know. I was awoken by chance. Excuse me, by three chances’, Rabius pointed towards the forest. He growled like a wolf and the three young boys appeared out of the murkiness and obscurity of the forest. The three boys were Gregori, Joksan and Jaxton.

All three boys were brothers of the house of Gargeron; all three of them were alike. They were taller than Rabius and Famius; each of them was around six foot four inches. Each of them had extremely blonde hair and blue eyes. Their personalities and interests helped to distinguish the boys. Gregori was a risk-taker and the strongest of his siblings. Joksan was the cleverest of the siblings; he had a deep passion for magic. And Jaxton was a lover and observer of nature; he was the calmest and the most peaceful of the siblings.


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