Your chance not to waste

Recklessly going through Camden Town,

I have seen a man performing his frown,

through spitting at his opponents, roaring like a bear

 and his beer-burps move his foulness everywhere. Yet


that isn’t your future: having a rooster-red mohawk, with spikes towards the sky,

wearing a leather jacket with frightening symbols upon the back;

as he held his sign – welcoming you to visit a store,

think twice, before you lose control –


Because his piercings, his attitude, his life

is like Pandora’s box, and it will make you less polite.

So all of you, that are challenged with your life –

look at the hooligan and use your wisdom to realise:


Your life is an opportunity; your life is a chance.

You give meaning to it and don’t waste your time.


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