Ọchụchọ maka ndị furu efu onye (The search for the lost one.) – Part Three

Then, Famius asked all three siblings, “Thus tell me, my friends, what has happened to our beloved village? And who has dared to attack it?”

Joksan responded “Well, the first noise that I heard in the morning was the noise of a battle horn. I was surprised. Then, I woke up. Then, I saw through the window of my household an animal similar to a wolf. However…”

Gregori interrupted, “Oh, Joksan, do not dramatise! What he wanted to say was…“

Joksan interrupted sharply, “…was that he saw a goblin rider on a Vilkan, a huge wolf.” He said looking irritatedly at Gregori.

Gregori’s facial expression became more aggressive; it seemed as if he was prepared to take his sword out of his sheath. However, when Jaxton, the oldest of the siblings, stepped forward between the other two brothers, then the tension between them seemed to disappear.

Famius was astonished and thus he repeated Joksan’s words, “A goblin rider on a Vilkan?I thought that those beasts had left our lands for good. Hence, I wonder, what was the purpose of the attack?”

Jaxton responded in his calm voice, “Yes, we too, my friend, wondered why Vilkan riders would come to our village. Then, me and my brothers…”

“Vilkan riders, you said Jaxton?” interrupted Famius rapidly. He continued, “My friend, you are claiming that there was more than one of these savage riders?!”

“I am not just claiming, Famius. I saw the goblin riders and my siblings saw them, too. However, I cannot recall, what their purpose was,” Jaxton said. He then carefully looked to his left, where Joksan stood.

Joksan then stated, “Oh … as far as I recall, the leader said, ‘No jewels can be found in these lands. Come my riders, we shall move to the East. Remember, the jewels must be found. The jewels, our master demands deeply.’”

Jaxton replied, “Thank you, Joksan. After this command, the leader with his riders galloped off. Then, we rapidly returned to the village. We had woken up Rabius within his burning household. We thought that you were already dead.”

Gregori interrupted the conversation violently, “Well, we need to move ourselves somewhere before the night falls.”

Rabius said, “We are not moving anywhere.”

Gregori responded, “Well, we need to…“

Rabius then authoritatively said, “Well we do not, as I am your leader.”

Gregori took his sword out of his sheath and pointed towards Rabius. Gregori boldly said, “Who is now the commander of your pathetic life?!”

Rabius also took his sword out of his sheath. All the other boys did not try to stop neither Rabius nor Gregori.

And suddenly, an enigmatic character moved within the woods. Immediately, all of the boys took their swords out of their sheathes and pointed towards the forest. Then, the enigmatic character revealed himself to the boys. At first, the boys became blinded by the vividness of the enigmatic character’s armour. The enigmatic character took his sword, which gleamed with the brightness. And then one…


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