Ọchụchọ maka ndị furu efu onye (The search for the lost one.) – Part Four

…moment later he swung his sword and all of the boys fell down onto the forest floor (duff). The enigmatic character then prayed to a deity; he whispered, “Archesse, The surveyor of all that is seen, dark and light, aid me to slay the creatures before me and I shall bring order upon this island.”

And then a strong wind blew from the ‘East’. A strange sounding voice whispered back to this enigmatic character, “My blessing is worthless against those innocent boys. One of them is able to aid you in your quest. The other one will lead to the highest druid within the forest. One of them, like you, is on a quest.” And after those words the strange voice disappeared.

Finally, the brightness fell like an exhausted eyelid. The boys now saw this enigmatic character with clarity. This enigmatic character was a man. The man wore silver armour, which was very finely polished. Yet, the man did not wear a helmet. His head was hairless; his face was beardless. The man had a visible symbol on his armour around his chest. Nevertheless, the symbol seemed unfamiliar to the boys but some features implied that the symbol originated from the ‘South-West’ of the island.

The man looked at the boys from above as the boys were lying down on the floor; powerless! Pointing his two-handed sword towards the boys, the man asked demandingly, “From where have you come from?”

No-one answered the man’s question.

The silence remained, until the man stated impatiently, “I swear on Archesse, The surveyor of all that is seen, dark and light, I will cut off all of your heads.” Then, the man turned his sword towards Famius; the man took one step towards Famius and his sword was almost cutting Famius’ throat. Then, the man asked, “Boy, where are you from?”

Famius responded quickly, “Not far away from here.”

The man responded with rage, “Boy, your ans-”

The man stopped talking for a moment.

He recalled Famius’ face.

The man raised his eyebrows and then his voice tone became doubtful. He said uncertainly, “If I am right … you must be Famius, son of Karathis, from Na-echebe ala.”

Famius stated surprisedly, “Yes, I am Famius, son of Karathis, from Na-echebe ala.” Famius then looked at the other boys and their response was similar to his; all of the boys were confused by the knowledge of this unknown Knight. Famius boldly asked, “Sir, how do you know my name and the name of my father?”

The man responded calmly as he put his long, two-handed sword back into his sheath, “Your father was my best friend during the ‘Battle of Gnujamord’. Also, a few years after the battle, I met your father just after your mother died. I remember that it was a time of mourning and sorrow for your father. I helped him to recover from this tragedy. Alas, you were too young to remember this event. Nevertheless, I am Titanius, son of Lux, the knight of King Gregoriani, one who serves only Archesse, God’s hand and your friend.”

The boys were astonished, because, within Na-echebe ala, there were many legends regarding ‘God’s hand’. In those legends, ‘God’s hand’ was always described as a faithful Knight and a skilled warrior. In one of those legends, ‘God’s hand’ slaughtered five enemies with one swing of his sword. Also, in other legends, ‘God’s hand’ cast a spell of empowerment on his sword. This allowed ‘God’s hand’ to…


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