The search for the lost one – V

…to overcome an even greater number of his enemies. The sword was designed as if it had its own mind, nevertheless, the weapon had to obey its master.

Rabius asked, “Dear knight, that is all very well that you claim having these titles of knighthood and of whatever else you possess. However, I am still standing here, unconvinced by your tales.”

The knight nodded, which was a gesture of accepting Rabius’ perspective. Then the knight stated, “I understand your disbelief, my friend. I will prove to you, and to your companions that I am all and more than I had claimed.” Then, the knight looked at each of the boys and said in his loud and clear voice, “I am calling you all, for a combat tournament. There are two rules that you must follow. The first rule is that I am fighting alone against you all, my friends. The second rule is that if one falls upon the ground; one is then eliminated from the tournament. Let the tournament begin!”

The boys, encouraged by the words of the knight, had drawn their swords out of their sheaths. They all charged in the direction of the knight with their swords near their chests. They yelled loudly, too, like a sleuth of bears.

The knight swung with his sword once. This swing caused the three brothers of the house of Gargeron to fall upon the ground. Rabius and Famius still participated in the tournament. Within a few minutes, Rabius was also eliminated, as he slipped on a rock akin to a man’s fist. Thus, Famius was the last to face the knight.

The knight confidently stood; he was well balanced. Whereas, Famius’ body was shaking; his face was akin to the whiteness of a snow flake; he was terrified of this combat.

Then, the knight began with a strong swing towards Famius, however the boy avoided the swing smoothly. Momentarily, Famius was facing the knight’s back, yet the knight was well skilled in his swordsmanship and thus God’s hand encountered Famius’ attack. Then, Famius and God’s hand exchanged, swift swings from both of their swords but none of the swings were final.

Then, Famius roared wildly. The knight and the other boys were shocked. The roar gave Famius a spiritual strength. Then, fearlessly Famius charged at the knight with his short, single-handed sword.  Before the boy gave his final blow, whilst charging, he jumped at the height of the knight’s head. Within thin air, Famius managed to pull his sword over his head.

Famius won. And the knight was laying on the ground; he was defeated.

The boy’s blow created a significant mark on the knight’s armour, located around the knight’s chest.

Famius was filled with adrenaline and immediately dropped his sword. The boy was shocked by his victory. After a few moments, Famius helped the knight to stand up. The knight was covered in mud and he, too, was amazed by the boy’s skills.

The knight declared with amazement, “Famius, my friend, you deserve to be called son of Karathis. Where have you learned your swordsmanship, my friend?”

Famius answered timidly, “Sometimes I practiced swinging my sword after the sun was at its rest.”

Rabius asked demandingly, “Now, my dear knight, where is your proof of your great swordsmanship?”

The knight responded, “I am speech-”.

Famius finished the knight’s sentence with an authority within his voice, “He is God’s hand.”

Rabius responded with submissive body language. Then, Rabius glanced hesitantly and respectfully asked Famius, “Where shall we go now, my friend, Famius?”

Famius said confidently, “Rabius, my friend, we shall go further into the forest. My father once said to me that within these woods there is a great druid; whose knowledge can answer any question.”

The knight added, “As of my knowledge in locating the druid’s house, one should find certain herbs. The roots of these herbs should lead us to the dwelling of the druid.”

Jaxton woke up as if he had slept for a hundred years, he kindly and respectfully asked the knight, “God’s hand, what herbs shall we look for?”

The knight responded kindly and calmly, “Bradigi dearci we should look for, my dear friend.”

Jaxton responded rapidly, “Give me a short while and I shall find what you are seeking.” And, then, he dove under the greenness of the forest and sought Bradigi dearci.

One side of Bradigi dearci was alike to a leaf of maple, nevertheless the other side was rectangular. The colour of Bradigi dearci’s leaf was of a dim green, which did not aid Jaxton in his searching for this plant.

As time passed, the boys and the knight decided to rest upon the ground, but not Jaxton. He instead carefully looked for the herb. Finally, he yelled, from underneath the forest’s greenness loudly, “My friends, I have found Bradigi dearci.” He called his brothers to help him with taking out the herb’s root.  The brothers grabbed the plant’s root and they pulled the root out of the ground. Then, Jaxton looked at Joksan. Joksan understood Jaxton’s look.

Joksan cast a spell. The spell changed the colour of the herb from green to a hue of pink. One of the specific features of Bradigi dearci is that each plant is connected with its ‘mother plant’ (the main, original plant).

Firstly, Joksan looked at the roots’ direction and then he stated positively, “We shall go this way.” He pointed towards ‘North-East’.

Everyone prepared for the journey towards the druid’s dwelling; every one but Gregori. He felt he was being observed. And from above the travellers’ heads, a four-legged behemoth type creature fell down…


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