The search for the lost one – VI – Life vs. Death

The beast was gargantuan. The behemoth’s anatomy was akin to a bear’s anatomy.  The beast’s head was similar to a lion’s head. The behemoth’s fur colour was distinguishable, too. The colour of the fur was an amalgam of blue and blood-red.

The beast was on top of the boys and the knight. All of the companions and the beast were disorientated and dismayed.

After a few moments had passed, Gregori and the knight used their strength to firstly escape from underneath the beast. Then, they dragged the beast away from their companions. And they succeeded.

Now, it was visible that the beast, Famius and Rabius were severely damaged. The beast’s left hip bone protruded from the beast’s dense fur. Hence, immediately, a puddle of blood was created underneath the beast.  Rabius, with huge difficulty, attempted to stand up, yet without a satisfactory result. And Famius did not move at all.

Gregori looked mercilessly at the beast; the beast was motionless. Then, Gregori took his sword out of his sheath. He was prepared to end the beast’s life, but the knight yelled authoritatively to stop; the boy froze for a moment.

Then, Gregori responded irritably and aggressively to the knight, “Knight, who are you to tell me, that I shall not kill the beast? Let me remind you that the creature is our enemy. That it has attacked us. Why shall you stop me from an action that is righteous?”

The knight responded harshly, “The beast is powerless. Gregori, who are you to decide who lives and dies? Famius and Rabius are hurt. And, let me remind you, they are your companions! Thus, what is righteous now is taking care of them first. And nature will take care of the beast; not you.”

Jaxton added, “Brother, your violence is unnecessary in these woods. As from my reading, I have learned that these animals are aggressive to no one but themselves.”

Gregori was frustrated; he used his strength to determine his justice.  He agreed to leave the beast.

Famius and Rabius were on the ground. Famius’ condition was unknown and Rabius was fatally injured. Joksan and Jaxton picked Rabius up but Rabius was unable to stand alone without the support of the two brothers.

Rabius yelled in pain as he attempted to stand. He then fell onto the ground. Then he stated exhaustedly, “Brothers, I cannot walk.”

Joksan responded cheerfully, “Rabius, you can walk.”

Rabius attempted to stand up and he failed again. Rabius also yelled from a pain even louder than the pain he experienced previously. Then he said to the two brothers, “Brothers, I will stay here. You need to move further ahead. I am already a problem and staying with you would be a mistake for you and for me.”

Joksan panicked and then he responded rapidly, “No, Rabius, do not lose your hope too quickly. I will aid you to recover from this condition.”

Rabius responded seriously and sadly, “Joksan, leave me and go further into the forest! It is a command! I have become an unresolved problem. GO!”

The two brothers left Rabius underneath a beautiful and tall tree. Finally, Jaxton said to his brother, “Joksan, you shall see him one day amongst Gods of Heaviosa. Brother, I need you to be present.” Joksan looked at Jaxton and nodded.

In the interim, the knight took care of Famius; the boy was still unconscious. His throat was covered with healing leaves of leaiat ov licia. The boy had not made any response to the outer world. The knight also checked the boy’s eyes. Famius’ eyes were not seen; the eyeballs were plain white.  Furthermore, the boy’s body temperature had dramatically fallen. His skin, too, became even paler than previously. Everyone knew that Famius and Rabius were lost from their companionship.

The knight and the three brothers performed a funeral ceremony. Then, the companions laid Famius’ body alongside a huge, fallen and rotten tree. With tears, the companions left Rabius for their voyage towards the druid’s household, somewhere in the ‘North-East’…


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