CROWNA – Chapter One – [C]owards at Night

Sometime in summer of 2014, around 10 pm, near London Bridge station, England, a muscular man frantically moved through a crowd. If I was this man, I would probably act less obviously, perhaps even plan my moves beforehand. However, from a bird’s eye view, the muscular man seemed desperate and simple-minded. The man, of course, searched for the weakest individual in the crowd. Within seconds, he found his prey. It was an elderly woman with her groceries. She wore a dim violet dress and a pearl necklace. The woman’s appearance was alike the Queen’s, fragile and delicate. Finally, when the muscular man was inches away from the woman, he stretched his hand in order to grab the woman’s purse. When the man got a firm grip on the purse, he vigorously pulled the purse towards his body. The man’s act caused the purse’s strap to break in half. The man’s action also caused the purse’s owner to lose balance, and dislocate her right arm. Then, the man, with the purse in his left hand, escaped into obscurity of a near alley.

The woman screamed hopelessly, “My purse! You THIEF, give me back my purse! My purse!” Her voice was so delicate that by screaming it seemed the woman would lose her frail voice.

Meanwhile, the robber in an isolated alley began to frenziedly search the woman’s bag. The thief felt safe. He thought that he was all alone in the alley. He thought that he had won a battle with justice. Nevertheless, I was there, too. And I judge him!

Thus, I jumped from a rooftop from where I previously observed the robber. I landed noiselessly. I stood calmly in the darkness. I was observing the robber, whose heart-rate was unusually furious.

Then, a rat squeaked. This noise made the robber more conscious of his surroundings. He saw a smooth sketch of me within the darkness. He was terrified. Immediately, the robber dropped the purse. Then, he took a gun out from his leather holster. Then, the thief began to point his gun towards the darkness, towards me. However, his vision was limited, and so I took advantage of it.

Without hesitation, my first strike surprised the robber and the blow landed perfectly. The first strike was a right uppercut, which was followed by a left punch towards the robber’s ribcage. The third strike disarmed the robber. The gun was on the ground. Yet, the thief’s lesson was far from finished.

I aimed at the thief’s nose with my right knee. The right knee struck ideally and made the robber’s nose began to bleed. While the robber was still dizzy, I grabbed him by his polo shirt. I had pressed him firmly against the wall of a building. Then, I began to utter in a low-pitched voice to the robber. “Garbage like YOU, I eat for breakfast. Do not bother my streets, AGAIN!”

The man took a deep breath and stated fearfully, “I am very sorry, CROWNA. I will neither bother you nor your streets. I am very sorry, CROWNA. Spare my life!”

I responded with a malevolent smile, “You better run quickly. Move out of my sight.”

I released the robber from my grip. The robber furiously ran off like he was burning alive. I collected the purse and its valuables. Then, I returned the purse to its owner. The elderly woman smiled and thanked me. Yet, shortly I disappeared into the obscurity of the night.


Next morning, I woke up. I ate my usual breakfast in a local cafeteria. Then, I went to a lecture hall, where I began my lecture on Political Philosophy, precisely upon the subject of Anarchism. I finished my lecture, I received a few challenging and interesting questions from my students as regards my lecture. I responded to each of the questions as clearly as a man of my age and knowledge could. Then, I went down to my office. I had time to ponder. And so I thought about why in the last couple of months, why I as the CROWNA had only fought with desperate thieves, who needed money. ‘Is money the only motivator to live life to its full potential?’ I thought to myself. Yet I knew that some of my thoughts were just too abstract to conform with reality, and so I ignored this thought. Now, I regret this ignorance!


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