CROWNA – Chapter Three – Am I An [O]ld Man?

The night began. I travelled from my workplace back to my small apartment. Firstly, when I reached my destination, I opened the main door of my flat. Then, I used a staircase to walk up two floors. Then, I turned right and I followed a corridor which felt claustrophobic . At the end of the corridor on the left, there was an entrance to my residence.

I unlocked the door only to lock it again. I had no trust in people, especially my neighbours. In my flat my neighbours were usually young people in their twenties. I did not want to understand them; even though once, I was in their position. Perhaps as a forty year old, this made me realise that frankly these youngsters are wasting their valuable time and money. They could do something more productive than only spending their time upon the delusional sensation of drugs.

Furthermore, the flat itself was another example of a misuse of time and money. The flat inside was nothing more than an early post-war flat. Each apartment consisted of one room, which was a small dining room connected to a tiny kitchen. There was no space for a king-size bed; I slept on a sofa. Also, the sofa was the central and only piece of furniture within my residence.

Thus, when I came to my apartment, I momentarily collapsed upon the sofa after a long day of hard and intense work with my students. This only lasted five minutes. The next minute, I woke up with my senses sharpened and with a readiness to secure order and peace in London.

I escaped through a chimney, which was covered by heavy oak doors. These doors covered my secret entrance to the chimney, which was the fire place. Within the chimney, there was a ladder, which ultimately led to the rooftop of the building.

When I finally reached the rooftop, I smoothly slid upon the roof tiles to the ground. Then, I noiselessly raised myself from the ground and searched for my radio. This radio could pick up all secret transmissions from around the city of London. When I found it, I knew what my nightly tasks would consist of and it was a group of youngsters; who violently protested in front of a council building in Bromley, South-East London.


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