CROWNA – Chapter Four – A [W]ealthy Man and His Men

I reached my destination. I stopped at the rooftop of a building, which was opposite of where the youngsters stood. There were five of them. No violent behaviours were being established by any of them. There were no banners, flags or any other protesting tools. These five individuals only stood in front of the main building of the local council; they talked and laughed and nothing more. All of them wore black hoodies, black track trousers and black trainers. They also had plain red bandanas around their faces. Furthermore, these youngsters had big, red, anarchistic symbols printed upon the backs of their hoodies. The symbol was simple; the letter O which encircled the letter A. The symbol was the only sign of intimidation that these young citizens presented to the members of the public.

Then, I examined them closely. Then, I saw that these youngsters stood very consciously in front of a car. Suddenly, one of them dove under the car. Within seconds, another one carefully transported a cuboidal object to the other, one that was already under the car. Five minutes later, this work was completed. Yet, I had a feeling that someone had to check what this work consisted of.

Suddenly, a blue vehicle flashed before my eyes. I presumed that it was a police van. It then parked a street away from the young activists. Soon after, ten policemen, armed with batons, sneaked stealthily upon the youngsters, who where seemingly unarmed. Then unexpectedly, the policemen started mercilessly beating the youngsters. The resistance of the young men was weak. After a few minutes of combat, all of the young men were on the ground unable to move and breathe. Now, the policemen’s execution was completed.

I was shocked and confused. I wanted to aid someone, someone who was on the side of righteous justice; yet there I saw none. Furthermore, I promised that I will never aid law-breakers, and I never did. Thus, I watched in a confused manner as events unfolded. The policemen dragged the youngsters to their van. Then, they vanished from the scene as if there was nothing morally wrong with what they just had done. Without any further pondering, I followed the van’s direction to whatever hell that it went to.


An hour later…

I followed the van. Luckily I was not spotted by any of these brutal men. Then, the van finally stopped in front of the infernal gates of a mansion. The men took out of the van the handcuffed, bedraggled and shaken youngsters and dragged them, one by one, through the nefarious gates of the mansion. I followed these malevolent men’s footsteps through what appeared to be the open gates of Hades.

Subsequently, the men reached a garage, which immediately opened as the men closely approached it. Then, the men dragged the youngsters inside the garage and left them there. The garage automatically shut. Now, the youngsters were locked up in the garage of a mysterious and seemingly dark and nefarious property.

Then, one of the men, presumably a leader, went to the front door of the mansion. The man rang the bell. Then, within two minutes, a man in his sixties, of muscular posture, stood within the frame of the front door. The two men made conversation; laughter erupted from the mansion’s owner. Then, after an exchange of a few words and decisive handshakes, the front doors shut and the men left the property. The van, which I now knew for certain was not a police van, disappeared from my sight.

Knowing that I was alone, I cautiously went closer to the front door of the mansion. Half way to the door, a loud growl captured my attention. The front door opened again. I concealed myself stealthily. Now, the old man was not alone, his companion was on a leash. Then, he stated harshly, “Diablo, what can you sniff?”

The dog sniffed and growled again. The old man, before releasing the beast, stated forcefully, “A THIEF! Get him, Diablo!” The released dog galloped akin to a wild horse. I had no time to escape. Hence, the dog caught me.

The dog was of a Rottweiler breed. The dog caught the end of my clothing and pulled me to the ground. In addition, that was not enough for this behemoth, it also wanted to get to my throat. However, I protected myself with my left arm. Then, I vigorously pushed away the beast, which subsequently knocked the beast out as the dog bounced off a rock fence. Then, I rapidly stood up and ran from this devilish property.


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