CROWNA – Chapter Five – In The Morning Mr. [N]obody

A couple of hours later…

For the sixth or the eighth time I woke up on my sofa full of pain from the encounter with the hellish dog. I thought to myself, ‘At least my suit was dense enough to stop the beast from making me bleed. I wonder what time it is?’ I turned my head slightly to locate a plastic clock with Latin numbers upon it. Then, I realised that it was time to get up and prepare myself for another lecture on Political Philosophy. Although, my mind was ready to start a brand new day, yet my body questioned my mode of thinking.

Ultimately, I stood up and walked to my fridge. I took out a plastic bottle of semi-skimmed milk. Then, I reached to the cupboard for a box of cereal. Also, I took a bowl and a metal spoon. Then, I walked towards the sofa. I sat on it. Then, I mixed the two components, milk and cereal and voila, I made my breakfast.

Upon the sofa, on the right, there was a broadsheet from the day before. The first few headlines were the usual: murders, terrorism, new infectious diseases and the royal family. I skimmed through the broadsheet whilst I consumed my breakfast. Then I discovered a familiar face. The man was described precisely on page 66, in the first line of the sixth paragraph, “The billionaire with a bodyguard business that has taken over the globe.”

I looked closely at the picture of that man. Then the memories from last night flashed before my eyes. Then, I looked at the picture of the man’s dog. The dog was called Diablo. The memories of the dog’s attack from last night became more vivid to me. I felt more conscious of my new scars. The newspaper said that the billionaire’s name was George Williams.

George Williams was described as an owner of a British international bodyguard company, which ensured the highest quality of security. Since the company had made a deal with the British government, there had been a marked increase in the public’s perception of their feelings of security within the United Kingdom.

The article shocked me. The whole situation that occurred yesterday was still unclear to me. I could not comprehend who these men were who had brandished batons, and why they mistreated members of the public? Moreover, today I had to give a lecture regarding authority and the guardians of the legal system, such as, policemen.


Within the lecture one of the students asked me, what if a group of policemen break their promise to be guardians and they take advantage of their legal status? And I remained silent for a moment. I fought with my thoughts, which I probably uttered to myself as CROWNA, but not as a professor. Then, I responded as clearly as I could. “I guess these policemen should be known to the public as the law-breakers.” Many questions after this response were raised, and I answered them all as clearly as I could. When the lecture finished, I came back to my office, and my response still troubled my mind. “I guess these policemen should be known to the public as the law-breakers”.

This thought tortured me for the rest of the day. I had to take a walk around the university but I knew that my perspective would not be the most optimistic. I walked for thirty minutes and I could not comprehend why last night these brutal men had committed the actions that they had committed. I could find no rationality or sense within their actions. Then, as I walked by a group of students, I thought How horrible it would be if one of the students that I taught would get hurt. I felt so much internal sorrow due to this thought. Thus I then thought about something more pleasant to forget about this thought.

Now, I knew my mind was hungry for action, yet I knew that I had to wait, because the daylight would reveal my identity to this city. However, CROWNA was not about displaying acts for other people’s amusement. CROWNA is an example to follow, an example to explain to people that they are free moral agents. CROWNA’s message was that as free moral agents, they can cooperate to ensure order and peace without any special enforcement, such as; the government.


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