On Facebook and the Loss of the Privacy of Our Minds

Is facebook helping us? IF NOT, what should we do about this?


Oh Facebook, you’re such a piece of junk. Your ability to reach out and substantially change the national, or even global conversation is nothing short of amazing. Your reach is so great. At the same time, never has a tool been more capable of isolating and driving apart friends and family.

Do you remember in the past how you didn’t really know that your Uncle Joe had really horrible feelings about people who utilize EBT because you pretty much only saw him at Christmas or Thanksgiving? Remember being able to complain about your job with your friends without your job hearing about it? All that is done with, online.

When discussing which superpowers someone wants pretty much nobody with the ability to think of consequences beyond the immediate chooses telepathy. We don’t generally want to know everything that our friends and family think. We’d much rather like them, frankly, and…

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