CROWNA – Chapter Nine – The [L]ion’s Aid

I woke up in a bed. The room, that I was in, was decorated with paintings and of reggae musicians. I swiftly inhaled the air. Then, I became aware of the strong scent of cannabis; this initiated my anxiety, yet I thought ‘I am under control! I am in this new, warm, comfortable bed. Certainly, I had been taken care of. I will stay in this room. Yes! I will not to move at all from this bed, this room. I may even spend the rest of my life in here. I am certain that nothing would happen in here that could possibly endanger my life. Yes, nothing!’ Then, a rational thought awakened within me, ‘What if this room is where I will be executed? Maybe someone wants to slaughter me in here; in this very soft, comfortable bed?’ Then, I carefully pondered for a while. Then, I thought, ‘Nah, the possibility of such circumstances occurring would at least be classified as ‘unusual’. Thus, this is unlikely to happen.

Then, a white, British, scrawny man with black dreadlocks and a beardless face entered the room. The man was visually akin to the lion that I had previously imagined. I thought of this man as being almost the personification of the lion that I previously imagined; I nicknamed him Leo.

Leo appeared to be in his late twenties. His clothes were destroyed by his intake of addictive, hallucinating and toxic substances. The clothes were unclean and torn in many places and hanged loosely upon the body of Leo. Furthermore, Leo held in his hands a ceramic bowl, full of a warm liquid; I presumed what he held in his hands was soup. With a smile upon his face, whilst offering me the soup, he stated “Drink it! It’s hot.”

I responded by a simple nod. I took the bowl from him and drunk all it contained. Then, I went back to sleep.


I woke up involuntarily. My eyes were blinded by a strikingly vivid light. I thought, ‘Am I in a hospital or am I at the gates of Heaven? Both locations symbolise to me; being in a position that is problematic. If I am in hospital: I am fatally hurt, or if I am in Heaven: I am dead!

I could no longer close my eyes after the discovery of this threatening realisation. Then, I felt a firm grip on my tongue. I thought, ‘Why is my tongue being forcefully taken out from my mouth? Why can I not respond to this new ‘force’? Am I paralysed? I feel as if I am a drugged prostitute; I can experience the environment but I cannot escape it.’

Then, a smooth figure entered the room. I thought, ‘What is this woman in a white dress doing in this room? Why has she got a needle in her hand? I will not allow her to inject any unknown substance through the needle into my body. I have hated needles since I was a child. Be gone! Be gone!’ I swung my hands at the woman in order to grab the needle; I missed. Then, I reattempted to grab the needle. Again, I missed and thus, did not achieve my aim. Then, the woman stabbed me with the needle and desperately injected the whole dose that the needle contained into my arm. Then, I slowly went back into a forced and deep sleep.


Someone blew smoke in my face. I responded by coughing loudly. Then, a thought arose that brought me to sanity, ‘I want to express my anger towards the person who blew the smoke at me, in more than just words.’ Whilst I felt my strength rapidly grow, my adrenaline began to run through my veins too. I was full of adrenaline; my animalistic state of mind was activated.

I attacked the man that halted my rest. Although, my hearing and my sight responded slower than usual, yet I still accomplished my aim, I shocked the man. I landed on the top of the man. I was in an ideal position to choke the man with one hand. I used my advantageous position to express my anger; I began to choke the man. My strength aided me in suffocating my opponent.

A moment later, Leo entered the room. He held soup in his hands. His eyes widened as he saw the wreckage before him. Then, he slowly put the soup down. Then, he looked deeply into my eyes, as if into a wild animals eyes. His gestures were very cautious, and calm.

Firstly, he said uneasily, “Release him!”

Then, he repeated tranquilly and quietly, “Release him.”

His words calmed me down. I slowly weakened my chokehold. Then, I demandingly shouted, “Why am I in here?”

Leo responded, “Five days ago, I found you down my street …”

I aggressively asked. “And what state of mind was I in?”

Leo simply responded, “You were drunk as fuck!”

I curiously questioned, “Then why did you aid me?”

He rapidly responded, “I don’t know, I just did … man, please, stop choking my brother!”

I responded, “Yes, I will.” I paused; I knew that I was in control of Leo. I felt tyrannical and good. I continued, “I will. If you will tell me if a female doctor entered this room?”

Leo hastily stated, “Yes. There was a female doctor, in this room. She was meant to check your health, ‘cause man … I ain’t a doctor. I needed someone professional to check your health.”

I slowly and cruelly responded, “Thank you.” I let go of the man that I had previously choked. The man began to breathe, slowly at first and then heavily. By now, I knew that the man needed at least two weeks to recover from my choke-hold; I imparted this information Leo. Yet I knew that Leo would now have to punish me for my act of cruelty.

Firstly, he stated to me, “Come here!”

I stood up from the cold floor. I uneasily moved towards him. Then, Leo struck me with his left fist; he gave me a black eye. Then, he suddenly gave me a hug. A moment later, I gave him a hug too. I breathed heavily with relief. Leo had proved to be a man who cares about others, his brother or a stranger, hence; me. I knew that the blow he gave me was truly deserved. It was obvious; I had almost choked his brother to death!


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