CROWNA – Chapter Ten – [L]ies, lies, and lies

Thirty minutes later, in the same apartment…

I began to relay my past experiences. I wanted to recompense my debt to Leo by being honest with him; I was his debtor. After all, he saved my life! I told him about my situation regarding Monique – that I was in love with her, and that I wanted to kill myself after I learnt that she was in a coma.

Then, Leo, pointed at the soup and stated, “Eat it!”

I took the soup and I began to slowly consume it. The soup tasted satisfactory, I was not sure what it was made of.

Leo asked me, “Why did you fall in love with Monique, man? It does not make sense.”

I responded, “I do not know. I guess the feeling of guilt combined with the feeling of solitude will make any man lose his sanity.”

Leo stated, “Fair enough man. But now, how do you feel about her?”

I responded, “I still feel as hopeless as I felt before. I am hurt and in love.”

Leo calmly responded, “If you need any help, we can talk more about this.”

I responded, “Thank you for offering your help, but I do not need any help at this time.”

Then, his words began to trouble my mind, “we can talk more about this”. I ignored this thought; it was my grandiose mistake.

Then, Leo asked me, “Anyway, what is your job?”

I responded, “I am a lecturer of Political Philosophy, in a theoretical and practical sense.”

Leo asked me, “What do you mean?”

I responded, “I will show you.”


We took public transport to travel to my residence. After an hour of travelling, we arrived at our destination.

I unlocked my front door. Then, I entered my residence, expecting Leo to follow me. Yet, Leo did not. He stopped at the doorstep of my household. He acted in a peculiar manner as if he waited for my command to allow him to enter into my residence.

I stated sarcastically, “Are you waiting for someone?”

He responded, “Oh man, sometimes I just ponder on… you know… things.”

I became more suspicious of his demeanour. I asked him in a militant fashion, “What things?”

I saw him attempting to carefully select appropriate words in order to respond to my query and to avoid any conflict with me, however I stopped this act. I made a hand gesture which was an attempt to reassure him that his confusion will be resolved. Then, I stated with clarity, “I am sorry for being suspicious. I have that sort of mentality.” Only later I realised that this act was my error.

Leo responded, “Yep. I noticed that.”

Finally, he entered my household. Then, he closely examined my property. Then, he asked, “Anyway man, what did you mean to show me?”

I responded, “You see this wardrobe.” He nodded. I continued, “Open it.”

He took a few steps forward towards the wardrobe, then he opened it. Inside there was CROWNA’s gear: a long leather coat, a leather trousers, leather gloves, and a bulletproof vest.

He looked at me. His expression was amazement mixed with an excitement. This excitement made me feel uneasy about him, but I hid my emotions. I knew that my household was not the appropriate place to divulge my secret to this man, Leo (or whatever his name was by birthright).

Then, I said to him, “Come here!” I led him to my secret escape through the ladder to the rooftop of the building. Then, I showed him my radio and how it functioned.

Then, I sincerely asked him, “Do you want to help me in my job?”

He responded with hesitation, “I don’t know, man. Maybe I should go home.”

I responded clearly, “It is your choice. I will not plead with you on my knees.”

He dubiously replied, “I mean… I need to do things at my home.”

I responded, “Goodbye then.”

He replied, “Goodbye.”

I gave him a firm handshake. To my surprise, his handshake was as firm as mine. This indicated to me that he is neither an informer nor an undercover policeman; I felt secure for a moment. Yet, de facto, this was another mistake that I committed.


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