Revolutionary Syndicalism of Bitcoin

You want to know about anarchism? Check it out. ūüôā

Bitcoin Theory

Buried deep in the annals of history we find the powerful revolutionary praxis of syndicalism.¬†Originally a radical movement for trade unions; syndicalism pulled its¬†principles¬†from ‚ÄúReflections on Violence,‚ÄĚ by¬†Georges Sorel. In this revolutionary text, Sorel explores violence¬†and how it can help humanity save itself from the barbarism it finds itself stuck with. The influence of this text would¬†help¬†create the largest working class movement in France and around Europe in the early 20th century. During the October Revolution in Russia when the bolsheviks¬†seized power, it was the anarcho-syndicalist armed with these teaching who valiantly fought both the corrupt communist¬†army of the bolsheviks and the imperialist white army.

In the 1920s the fascist vulgarize syndicalist teachings to give themselves powerful, personalized mythos, in which they anointed themselves with divine right to rule over all as if they were kings or emperors. As dangerous as this praxis may be, it also may hold the key…

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