CROWNA – Chapter Eleven – [D]o not Dare Mess With Me!

After the night that Leo left my residence, my life was restored into a relatively comfortable state of affairs. The state that my life was meant to be in. And for me, it was giving my lectures in the morning, and being in a nocturnal pursuit of criminals; this was satisfactory for me.

However, for a couple of months, my radio did not pick up any signals that denoted gang activity; my task solely consisted of aiding the police force with capturing a single criminal or at most two. This was not matched adequately to a man of my skill-set! Furthermore, felonies committed by gangs were fewer and fewer each month. This change was approved by statistics, which were publicly proclaimed by the media. This inferred that either my radio’s frequency was being controlled by someone else or London’s crime scene had been reducing imperceptibly. The first option was a more rational alternative, also as I was a fourty year old man, my maturity meant I was not blinded by the authoritative statistics. These statistics were produced by a business company, which was owned by none other than George Williams, the owner of the British international bodyguard company, which increased the public’s perception of security within the United Kingdom.

By the very fact that I re-encountered this man’s name, George Williams, I acknowledged that my fate lied in facing this man in single combat; face to face; one on one. Yet, I understood that preparations for this war were necessary. This war was no ordinary war. This war was fought for the whole British isles and its inhabitants.

My preparation began by searching for recruits via the internet. The most effortless and accurate approach to this search was to recruit fanatics, maniacs of a certain, extremist ideology, for instance: Capitalism, Fascism, Feminism, Communism, Anarchism, and the like.

My recruitment took at least three months. Thus by September, the recruitment was finalised. Now, I needed to train these recruits to unquestionably follow my command. That meant that I had to have a strong right-hand man; a loyal dog; a devoted man; a charismatic figure. Thus, I decided to organise an informal meeting with Leo.


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