How to Tell if You’re Being Oppressed

Are we being oppressed?


Words in DARK RED are recent elaborations

OK, I just thought of something (on this day, September 3, 2014). I want to fly. It is one of my dreams. Yet, my dream is physically unattainable. Am I being oppressed by the reality of the universe because it won’t allow me to fly? Next, I want a drink of water. That is something that I should easily be able to achieve. Now, if I am actively and purposely prevented from acquiring a drink by another, then I am being oppressed. Why? Because what I demand is physically possible and should be easily attainable, not only that, but also the fact that the only thing in my way is the forceful prevention by another. Now, what if the one preventing my acquisition of water is one who is selling it and I just can’t afford it? Am I able to go elsewhere…

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