Am I the only who questions #legitimacy of the #governments? #politics #news #people #media #opinion #government #anarchism #anarchy #trust


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    • Thank you for reply! 🙂 And it’s quite a struggle for our minority to accept the current status quo which doesnt quite reflect our view. I think that my biggest concern, the government is a very old institution and we we still allow this institution to exist. Where is progress of humanity? (I guess nowhere if governments as a structure limits our freedom). What do you think Anti-sophist?

      • Governmental authority of present day is no more leflgitimate than the divine rights of kings from the middle ages or emperor worship of the Roman Empire era. I think it will take a one serious deprogramming for the world to realize that begging the rulers for permission in the voting booth isn’t freedom, taxation isn’t the price we pay for a society, it’s theft. The list goes on. The problem is so many are trained to think a certain way it will be a multi generational transition if the world ever makes it to a voluntarist society or even a minarchist society.. shoot we can hardly get people to grasp American principles any more let alone the idea of the Constitution and voting for rulers being illegitimate. I am optimistic though. I see more and more people questioning the current institutions. Kind of like the addict who finally admits they have a problem, but still a long road ahead for actually freedom.

      • I believe so too. That there is a wider realisation that freedom is being limited from various angles (e.g. as you mentioned taxations). And that gives me hope that there is a positive rebellion building up towards a better, fairer society. 🙂

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