Response to a Polish cyncial move on democracy

I am just quoting from what already said on a forum with regards to Should Poland’s EU voting rights be suspended? (I warmly welcome anyone to join as EU needs to know about this issue).

I as Poles living in Britain can clearly see the problem with Poland. The PiS (or if you prefer the ‘Law and Justice’ party) does exactly what their name suggests: they create new laws and create justice, BUT, there is a BIG BUT, with how they exercise it. For me, Poland is a cynical example of so called part of the third wave of democratization. I mean my university teach us about this great triumph of democracy… but in Poland there wasn’t one. The only reason why Poland transformed into a democratic state was by the Solidarnosc movement, which probably wouldn’t succeed if there wasn’t Polish Pope who was placed by the Catholic Church. So there, we go explained ‘democracy’ in Poland.

Overall, my point is that we need educate EUROPEAN VALUES. Poland is the exactly example of why we should do this. Britain is another example of why we should exercise and reinforce EUROPEAN VALUES. EUROPEAN VALUES, I believe, are about treating other people with a sense of equality, dignity. As a Pole myself, I wish that the European Union should exercise as much power as possible in order to restore the concept of ‘UNION’ within the European Union. If this means that it will suspend Poland’s EU voting rights, so beat it. I am for the triumph of equality, and I believe that is the exact objective of European Union. Thank you.





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