Stanford scientists combine satellite data and machine learning to map poverty


21 thoughts on “Stanford scientists combine satellite data and machine learning to map poverty

  1. If money spent in getting poverty over mapping it, over counting it and over selling it to readers-how much money could change it.

      • The money is wasted because the money get where it was originally intended unfortunately. This is why very poor regions are asking people not to send money. These places are the right places, but money goes to the people who are crooked. Many year ago many people were put in power with money to feed the people. Energy and waste is from crooked people. Visit the box homes in South Africa. Look at there toilets, look where the live. Look money that was them and ask yourself”where is the help”

      • Well if money wont solve it, then u ask for reeducation of people. The problem with that is becoming clear as the case with isis. We dont understand what people with other cultures really want, and if we want to help them then they need to start themselves and we, the foreign helpers, can give them the backbone i.e. money and, the idea of opportunity for the better future and shall do what they want. We, foreign helpers, should declare our true intentions, e.g. ‘i give you money for investing in your village’ but it is their decision or local decision to make the final choice.

      • We can not even do that in our own country. They want to be able to have place to farm. They like to have a home where there children are safe from predators and the would like to have public transportation to get to job that takes half the day to walk to and come home for those who do have a job. They need what every one needs. In some cases it might be relocation. They need food and water and a place to shower to live in a civil world. They need birth control, many woman are raped. They need the back bone money to train and employ the woman first, because poor woman are more protective than poor men.

      • For this very reason, one always must start with oneself! This wisdom is not just some shitty philosophy, but it actually makes sense. Dont help if you are not helped. Sick people create more sick people. So i agree that we should start at the local level.

      • Could you list a couple places that money was given to people who did not need itπŸ€‘

  2. Has any ever determined the environment with so many satellites has on the environment, all moving objects revolving around the earth surface made by man change the natural environment.

      • Originally my point is that although statistics and technology used to cut down on wasted, identify the right population that is in need of international support so the real people in need will be the real people who need help, since apparently money and time along with efficiency will enable the right people to be helped and waste of of money, time and efficiency will provide conditions to achieve the primary purpose to lower poverty in the poorest regions of the world that failed in the past from lack of facts. But, the point I really want to make is that this may be true, but statistics and technology will not save money and be more efficient, in many cases, although there may be a slight increase in eliminating waste.
        It not that it is an argument, because your a scientist and from my point of view prior to spending money on identification-because many places are identified-it is a waste if the support in poorest regions, if the crooked people in poor regions are not the benefactors of the help. The point is that poor regions have neighbors more powerful than they are. The reason the argument of our diff are not substantial is because you are committed to science and statistics where as and I do not see how money will not be wasted until the people who are suffering,
        Have crooked councils eating their bread so they will benefit from the poor. like in our country, making money off the most vulnerable. That is another story. Take care, and maybe one day statistics and money will merge together and find a way to help the poorest and the vulnerable receive the goods personally.

      • Perhaps you already are aware of which poor regions should be taken care of, whereas I do not. This could be why I am also pro-statistics and you are pro-action. I hope that either way, poverty ultimately will be reduced. I would to contribute to that, and I hope so you to. πŸ™‚

  3. It is fair to say that our country gets involved with poverty and human rights at home and abroad. I do no think a European education is the answer.
    They need what you need, many with out the perks. They need civil intervention, birth control and early abortion when woman are raped. They need an I structure built under an apprentice who is a skilled blue laborer. Trained nurses and primary care doctors. They need to set an economy based a labor force and not sweat shop. The earths surface will determine what valuable resource is available. In some cases relocation may be the start. If no environment to produce economic goods the people can in labor in area that good use help growing a more human lifestyle, with in a poor country the middle needs a motive to provide housing and education that provided a living income. The council in village may or may not be appointed by the poor people. The challenge is to study Ethiopia a place that thrived. statistics are helpful but not factual. Visit Ohio state university’s info provided people that live in poor regions.and researchers who visited regions and photographer to give show pictures. If you do not want to waste money like politicians do than study poor and neighboring neighbors. Some places the poor can be give stock and jobs in corporate vacation area. Eventual the rich corporation over time sell out and the time make some temp capital. These places must stay with family sort of like original Hershey Corp who kept money in the orphans families and eventual the children education most of off spring are skilled and employed. Find a childless billion to leave behind way to survive.

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