BBC: Trump will destroy Africa!

I do understand that there is a hate campaign against Donald Trump (I would hypocritical if I would not acknowledge that), but this is just another level of insult!


How could IPPF be so dependent by US external funds of $100m (£80m)! Maybe new type of policy could be implemented to change high rate of pregnancies at African continent – ownership of one’s national interest can be perhaps learnt from Donald Trump. Unfortunately, according to this article, any new kind of policy implementation is less likely to happen… Thus, the question remains, ‘Why such high rate of pregnancies happen?’. I believe that it is safe to argue that it is due to certain traditions, cultures, customs.


I just find this article absolutely misleading as to what the issue is, i.e. there is a need for culture revolution – and it would be racist to simply apply such statement to African continent – each nation has to change, adjust to the new realities – hello 21st century! Personally, such lack of progressive thinking occurs in the country of my birth, Poland: abortion is officially prohibited!


Just a little adjustment to the news out there 🙂

#Trump #BBC #abortion #Africa #revolution




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